Summer Beach Wedding Dress: Choose the Best and Appropriate One

Summer Beach Wedding Dress: Choose the Best and Appropriate One

It’s common to find more wedding taking place in summer when compared to other seasons. Summer beach weddings are extremely popular amongst the couple to be as it could make the wedding a relaxing and memorable event.

Beach wedding is considered extremely romantic and the couple would like to look their best for this very special day. Picking a summer beach wedding gown isn’t a simple and easy task, as you have to consider many factors. Shopping for a beach wedding gown is a bit different to buying for typical wedding attire. Here are tips that can help you select the right wedding dress for that very special event.

Look for the Right Material

Lots of importance needs to be given to picking the right material for your summer beach wedding gown. Because it will be warmer and hotter in summer, it will be a good choice to opt for lightweight materials in order that you’ll stay comfortable and cool on that very special day. Wedding gown made utilizing light materials like cotton eyelet, Geogrette, chiffon, voile, cotton organdy and organza must be a good choice for a wedding gown for a beach wedding.

Combine Materials

You can mix more than one light material to make your wedding gown. You might need to opt for a designer wedding gown as wedding outfit which are made utilizing more than one material isn’t easy to find. If you can afford, you can hire a reliable designer who can design your wedding dress using light materials which will suit your body type.

Don’t Forget the Sand and the Wind

Beaches are normally windy and there’s every possibility for a full skirt outfit to be blown around in the wind. Beaches have lots of sand and it’s better to avoid wedding dresses which have intricate lacework.

Avoid dresses that has Flowing Trail

Don’t purchase wedding gown which has a flowing trail, because it will be ruined while you are walking on the sand. Dragging long trail on the sand can ruin your wedding dress as well as your look in general.

Think out of the box

Never restrict yourself to a wedding dress for your beach wedding. Tea length gowns will be a better option opposed to a full flowing skirt because it will look good in the beach and worry no more about the hem that could come in your way often. Other choices which will look good for this kind of wedding are column style dresses as well as princess style gowns.

Add colors

Colors like red pink, lavender, pale blue and mint green could go well on a beach wedding gown. Also you can opt for a light but Puppy Hawaiian or tropical print for your wedding dress that will compliment the beach wedding theme.


Utilize accessories to put in sparkle to your wedding gown. You need to be very careful while choosing the accessories and ensure that you try them out with the outfit to make sure they go along with the wedding dress you have chosen.


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