Steps to Consider in Selecting Wedding Colors

Steps to Consider in Selecting Wedding Colors

Selecting your wedding color is not as easy as picking from the lists of your favorite colors. It should begin with narrowing down some of your general aesthetics to choose the best one that will go through every detail of your wedding. If you do not know how to pick the perfect color for your wedding, you may consider the following tips.

Get Inspired by Wedding Location

First thing you need to consider is the wedding location or venue. Have your own color palette before starting to look for a wedding venue. Think of all the colors you wanted to use while searching for a wedding color. If you have found the wedding venue, determine if your chosen color works with the venue. If not, you need to change your choice of color. Do not go against the color and design of your chosen venue to enhance the appeal, love and memories of the wedding day event.

Think Seasonally

The same as your wedding dress, you also need to think of the wedding colors inspired by the weather or time of your wedding day. Think of the best shade that would bring out the perfect season during your wedding day. Rosy pink color is ideal for spring while brighter shade of coral is good for summer staple. During the fall season, rich shade of fuchsia as well as silver and blush color is also perfect.

Set a Mood

Wedding color can also create the best vibe during the wedding day. Hence, if you want to put too many dramas in the said event, jewel or dark tone colored is recommended. This includes emerald, ruby red, black or gold. Think more of the atmosphere and style that you wanted to have, whether it is nostalgic or relaxed, you should always put the best color in your mind.

Colors You Really Love

The colors inspiring your entire home decorations are the colors you wanted to have for longer span of time. Look around your house. Open some of your closets. What specific color of accessories and dresses you have? Make use of these as an inspiration and starting point in selecting your wedding colors.

Do Your Own Research

Art galleries, magazines and even your friend’s wedding can be a great and inspiring source in choosing wedding colors. Even if you do not want to make use of color combo although it is on trend, you can still look forward to some arts and designs to help you choose the right kind of colors for your wedding.

Consult Your Color Wheel

You are not required to have a degree in arts just to select the right color for your wedding. However, there are some principles you need to consider. Normally, you can consider seeking for the assistance of color wheel that provides you different types of colors. In the color wheel, you can pair bright saturated colors with neutral color and determine if the combination goes well.

Do not be in a hurry when choosing the best wedding color for your upcoming wedding. It always takes time and effort choosing the best color. You may eventually see that it really pays to choose the best wedding color when your wedding day turns to a successful and memorable event.


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