Selecting the Best and Most Romantic Wedding Day Songs

Selecting the Best and Most Romantic Wedding Day Songs

Wedding day is the most significant day of your life. This event is filled with joy, love, celebration and eventually music. Huge people may say that wedding will not be complete without any music. So, how are you going to choose the best music perfect for your wedding? Here are the lists of some guidelines you may consider.

Processional Wedding Song

Everyone is aware that Bridal Chorus of Wagner is the most traditional and commonly chosen song as the bride walks on the aisle. However, this does not necessarily mean that you are going to make use of the same song during your wedding day. Well, you may choose a romantic and soft alternative to this kind of song that will create deeper meaning not only to you and your partner but also to all the wedding guests. Whatever kind of song you choose, for as long as it really fits your taste and personality, it will be perfect for your wedding.

Recessional Wedding Song

Once your wedding ceremony is already over, it is now the time for the celebration. Hence, you need to have a triumphant and upbeat song. It should inspire and make your wedding guests happy. It should also create smooth transition to all the guests up to the wedding reception.

First Dance

Wedding days’ first dance is not just an ordinary dance. It will be your first dance together as a wide and husband hence you need to choose a song that is very memorable and romantic. It is highly recommended that you need to analyze the song lyrics before choosing it. For instances that you really wanted the song yet you do not really like its lyrics, the best thing you can do is to find for an instrumental version of the song.

Cake Cutting Song

You can also choose a song while you are cutting your cake together. It is a very playful event on your wedding hence; you need to select an upbeat song. However, you can also choose romantic songs depending on your choice. After all, the final decision will be yours.

Bouquet Toss

It is a song played when the bride is tossing her bouquet to those single wedding female guests. Any kind of sassy song with female singer can effectively work. However, be sure that the song would be completely enjoyed by the bride as she is tossing the bouquet.

Garter Toss

Garter toss is a bit wild. Therefore, choose a wedding song that is a bit wild, too. It will just depend on the personality of the groom. Maybe you can choose a country or hip-hop song.

Last Song

Wedding day is an important event that you will never forget. Therefore, an impressive last song will definitely finish the entire event in a very positive note. The same as the first dance song, this song need to also reflect to the relationship of the couples and signify their goals right after the wedding.

Songs are essential part of your wedding. Therefore, it is not appropriate to leave your decision regarding this matter during the last minute. It is always best to prepare your wedding song ahead of time to make your wedding day memorable and meaningful.


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