Pros and Cons of Beach Wedding

Pros and Cons of Beach Wedding

Wedding on a beach is very popular, however they present special problems. Failing to consider these issues ahead of time can leave you disagreeably surprised on your wedding day.

Certainly, there is nothing that must dissuade you from your dream of a gorgeous seaside ceremony. In fact, there are lots of benefits.

The “Pros”

  • A beach wedding could be cheaper than conventional wedding. Today the average budget for a wedding is between 20,000 to 30,000 dollars. This is huge and unnecessary financial burden to be faced with.
  • Beach wedding could be a casual affair. It permits everyone to unwind and relax. Your visitors can dress comfortably as well as affordably. Most often brides to be are not aware of the financial strain they put on their wedding guests and attendants. Not everyone can afford to purchase that wedding dress.
  • Wedding ceremony and reception could be held right on the beach. There is no need to go to diverse locations. This is extremely convenient for all. What is more, kids will also enjoy this place.
  • This kind of wedding allows you to involve all your guests in the activities. They aren’t restricted to sitting silently in their seats. They could be a part of the event.
  • Beach wedding does not always need a permit. So, when you’re having a small ceremony and don’t need a part of the beach to be blocked off, do it. Simple yet very lovely!
  • Beach wedding is a refreshing change from the dull traditional wedding. It allows your creativity as well as personality to shine through.
  • There’s no wrong way or right way to plan this kind of wedding. It could be small, large, romantic, whimsical or downright goofy.  You can pay huge amount and hire everything out, or make everything yourself. The decision is totally yours!

The “Cons”

  • The most essential thing to keep in mind when planning this kind of wedding is the weather. You never know the status of the weather so make sure to plan an alternate location.
  • Usually the beach is a little bit breezy; therefore consider it when choosing your location. Try to select a cove on a beach which is secured and protected from direct winds.
  • Ensure to check with local authorities about permits required to use the beach. Thus must only be necessary when you’re having a huge gathering and you like to block off a part of the beach solely for you as well as for your visitors and guests.
  • Keep in mind the tides: You surely don’t want to be surprised by the fast and unanticipated arrival of high tide.

Beach wedding is indeed very romantic and beautiful; however nature doesn’t provide an element of uncertainty. Careful planning on your part will get rid of most of your worries.  All in all, in spite of some worries and imperfections in your day, still they are unforgettable memories that need to be cherished for the rest of your life.


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