Professional Wedding Video Versus Non-Professional Wedding Video

Professional Wedding Video Versus Non-Professional Wedding Video

Today, social media site Instagram made people feel like they are expert photographers and the iPhone made them also feel like they are the next James Cameron. Do It Yourself world is on the rampage. But, there is a bad news for the common hobbyist of videography. Professional wedding videos are professional for so many reasons. Below are the three essential reasons why expert or professional wedding videos are deemed proficient.

Experience and Knowledge in Pre-Production and Production

Wedding production companies are most likely made up of wedding videography experts who have studied the technique of video production either in a reliable institution. There are 3 parts of wedding film production. Pre-production is the first part that includes planning. A thorough schedule is made with the couple so they know precisely how the day is going to be coordinated. Scenes and key shots are planned so the couple is ready to act out the storyline. Production is the next stage which falls on the actual celebration. The videographer knows lighting, camera mechanics, use of rigs and shots composition. These factors make up a cinematic wedding video.

Proficient and Professional Tools

A skilled wedding production firm will own proficient equipment while non-professional firm will own consumer tools. These proficient video camera tools include HD cinema cameras and 4K cinema cameras. The word 4K refers to the horizontal resolution rather than vertical of these formats that are on the order of 4K pixels. This brings cinematography to a higher level. This allows your video to have a crystal clear image quality.

Audio is another essential factor to consider. Elite wireless lav microphones can be used by the bride and groom, bridal parties and priest to catch the whole thing being said clearly and flawlessly. This is very essential in a professional wedding video most essentially in the documentary edit. The sounds from the important characters in the video carry the storyline making emotion as well as feeling to the video. Specific rigs such as stedicams, crane jibs, sliders, fluid head tripods and monopods will enhance the superiority of the film. Usually non professionals will be working the camera handheld that makes a shaky video.  They will be utilizing non-fluid head tripods that avoid smooth tilting and panning.

Experience and Knowledge in Editing

Editing is the last part in making professional wedding video. Video production firms pay lots of money for editing program. A video editor have to spend many hours and practice to know how the programs works. Usually editors go to reliable institutions to know editing practices. Editing is what brings the whole story together, you could have remarkable footage, but when the editing is not good it will ruin the whole wedding video.

It is hard to make a professional wedding video.  The next time your friend or family member says that he or she will going to shoot your video, ensure to refer these 3 essential points. A professional wedding production will have pre-production, production as well as post production factors that need experience and knowledge.


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