Popular Kind of Wedding Bouquet Perfect for Brides

Popular Kind of Wedding Bouquet Perfect for Brides

To those non-brides, all wedding bouquets appeared to be similar with each other. They are simply flower arrangements tied with a perfectly colored ribbon. However, not all type of bouquets you are seeing is made equal. There are actually different varieties of bouquets that you may choose especially when it comes to weddings. This depends on the type and shape of the blooms that you are going to use.

It is always up to bride as to what kind of style complements her wedding theme and gown. For instance, larger bouquet is a perfect fit to those formal vows usually done in church while smaller bouquets are perfect for casual garden wedding. If you are one of those brides who wanted to appear unique with your bouquet, consider the following lists of some of the most popular wedding bouquet arrangements for your wedding.

  1. Cascade

It is a dramatic wedding bouquet-featuring waterfall of flower draping downward the front part of the arrangement. Orchids and vines looks particularly pretty in this kind of wedding bouquet arrangement. This creates strong and impressive statement hence; be sure to wear simple accessories and gowns.

  1. Posy

It is a popular and classic wedding bouquet arrangement for brides. It is small enough for the brides’ hand that features mostly flowers. These also feature rounded shaped flower arrangement wrapped with white ribbon.

  1. Hand-Tied

Hand tied wedding bouquets includes wide greenery and flower assortment. As what the name of this wedding bouquet suggests, they are secured with the use of wire, ribbon o fabric. This kind of wedding bouquet provides fresh-picked look and feel. It is also perfect for rustic or bohemian weddings.

  1. Round

Round wedding bouquet for brides formed perfect domes. This often makes use of single kind of flower such as peonies or rose. They are also monochromatic despite of the fact that they feature flowers in different colors.

  1. Nosegay

This wedding bouquet is the same as the posy bouquet. This puts emphasis on greenery feel and look of the bouquet. This kind of wedding bouquet arrangement perfectly worked to bridesmaid because of their compact and small sizes.

  1. Pomander

Perfectly round blooms that form sweet pomander shape. This include ribbon handle on top for displaying or carrying purposes. This flower arrangement is also suited to your flower girls since their hands can easily hold it.

  1. Composite

This gorgeous wedding bouquet flower is also known as glamelia. It is primarily composed of secured and arranged individual petals that resembles into a large single bloom. This highly stylized kind of wedding bouquet arrangement complements those brides who wanted to put a little drama on their wedding day.

These are the different types of wedding bouquet arrangements perfect for brides during their wedding day. Choosing any of the above-mentioned wedding bouquet arrangements is perfect for as long as it complements the wedding theme and style you have. Apart from that, you may also chose only the best kind of flower that suits your personal preferences, wedding theme and style to be arranged into a bouquet.


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