Photo Booth for Unforgettable and Exciting Wedding Celebration

Photo Booth for Unforgettable and Exciting Wedding Celebration

Searching for an exceptional way to make your wedding a bit more entertaining and unforgettable? Why not consider renting a photo booth? Photo both provides fun and memorable way for you and your visitors to interact and make amazing mementos of your very special day.

A photo booth is a new trend for special events like wedding. This photo booth not just offers fun and interactive for your visitors, but also a good way to make a photo montage of your wedding. Lots of photo booth service providers offers you with a compilation of CDs of your day’s pictures, and others even upload them online for you and your loved ones to see, share and print.

Picking the right photo booth for this kind of event is a delicate procedure. You want a company you can trust, but also want to ensure the photo booth you rent meets your needs and desires. There are many things to look for when picking a photo booth service provider:

Do You Want a Digital or Vintage Booth?


Some people want the classic feel and look of a vintage photo booth. If you’re looking to invoke nostalgia, then a vintage booth is ideal for you.  The old school feel and look will remind you and your visitors of days when these were a popular.


If you have the heart set on the classic look, then a digital photo booth might be the best answer. This kind of booth has the benefit of being highly mobile and light weight, and thus is very reasonable, normally range from $1000 to $1200. These kinds of booths can make high resolution images and could fit 8 to 10 people or more than.

Factors to Consider when Searching for a Photo Booth Company

Picture Resolution

You want to ensure that the photo booth your pick offers high picture resolution. This will make sure the clearest and sharpest images. Some photo booth companies might try to charge you extra for this kind of pictures, but there are service providers that offer the same resolution or greater for a very reasonable price.

Booth Size

Many classic photo booths are a bit smaller inside than digital photo booths. Ensure you ask the company how many people fit inside the photo booth prior to hiring them. A bigger photo booths usually means more expenses, but once more, some service providers offer large photo booths for a fraction of cost.

Booth Attendant 

Some photo booth companies will provide a booth staff to watch over the booth. The last thing you want on your big day is something extra to stress about. Make sure to pick a company that offers a well-trained booth attendant for your big day.

Scrap Booking

Some photo booth rental companies will provide scrap booking options. Scrapbooks are a best match with photo booths. There are photo booth companies that provide double prints with this option and your visitors could take the doubles of their photos and put them into your book with a sweet and memorable note. This is a good and simple way to make a special keepsake from your wedding.

Picking the right photo booth service provider for your wedding is a hard decision. Make sure to know all the facts prior to renting a company.


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